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2020 ATC Plot Tour

Aug 24, 2020

Come out and look at the new Asgrow Xtend Flex soybeans and Dekalb/Croplan corn plots.
  • Tampa/Lincolnville Area (Corn Only)
       Date: Wednesday, September 2nd @ 9:30am
        Location: Sunflower Rd ¼ mile north of 290th St
  • Navarre/Chapman Area
Date: Thursday, September 3rd @ 9:30 am will start at soybean location
Soybean Location: North of 1400 ave on Quail Rd. 3.5 miles east of Navarre
Corn Location: 1800 ave between Sage Rd & Trail Rd
  • Gypsum/Assaria Area
                    Date: Friday, September 4th @ 9:30 am
                       Location: K-4 & Old 81 Hwy
We will be practicing social distancing and no meal will be served but we will be giving out t-shirts.

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