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Simple, Affordable, Automatic Yield Maps

Jun 26, 2020

If precision farming is in your future or something you already do, a yield map is the single most important source of data there is. It is the report card for your current year and the key input to next year’s agronomy plan.
FarmTRX™ is designed to measure and display real-time harvest data in the cab. It is perfectly suited for the guy who just wants to get in and get harvest done and doesn’t want data collection to get in the way of doing work. Once the flurry of harvest is over, log into your account and everything is there to help make the complicated decisions.
The ease of setup and installation makes FarmTRX ideal for any operation. It takes only a couple of hours if you’re handy hooking up wires and drilling a couple of holes. Calibration is straightforward — start a counter running and harvest a known area. Weigh the output and apply a correction factor to the default value to get the accuracy right. Or, you can skip calibration and make the corrections after-the-fact in the cloud — even if you run with the default values.
FarmTRX makes it easy and affordable for farmers to generate yield maps. The retrofit yield monitor can be user-installed quickly on most combines. The FarmTRX mobile app displays live harvest data and uploads automatically to a web platform. The FarmTRX web app immediately generates high-quality yield maps. You can easily view your yield maps, share them with your agronomist, or export to other farm management software. FarmTRX treats all data as confidential — they do not share or sell your yield data.
Get in touch with me to learn more about FarmTRX and how it can change the way you deal with data. My number is 620-388-4262 or

This article was featured in the Summer 2020 Trail Blazer

Written by Chase Hageman, Precision Ag Specialist

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