Summer Photo Contest

Jun 08, 2020 | Agri Trails Coop Inc
Agri Trails Coop is excited to announce our first Summer Photo contest from June 8-July 27, 2020. Anyone is encouraged to submit photos via our Facebook page and tag them #agritrails2020. Submissions will be accepted from June 8 - July 27. Finalist will be selected in the foll...

Protect Your Wheat Investment

May 06, 2020 | Agri Trails Coop Inc
With a late freeze last month and the potential risk of disease in wheat, right now plant health should be on your radar. Fungicides help maintain and optimize yield potential through the protection of diseases and promotion of plant health. Review three actions that can help pro...

Rest Assured with a Fungicide Application

Mar 26, 2020 | Agri Trails Coop Inc
The cool, wet condition that we have been experiencing, make it favorable for disease development.

Calving Season

Feb 17, 2020 | Agri Trails Coop Inc
It’s calving season! Get your calves off to the best start by understanding the complex digestive system a calf develops. Newborn calves are considered pre-ruminants. When calves are born they have all four compartments within the stomach but do not utilize the rumen to the...

Lock In Profits

Feb 07, 2020 | Agri Trails Coop Inc
We all do it. We get in the habit of watching the commodity markets rally then we hurry up and sell after we have left a bunch on the table in the quick reversal of fortune. Grain marketing is one of the most important parts of the farm operation but it is also the last part the ...

Don't Forget the Phosphorus!

Feb 06, 2020 | Agri Trails Coop Inc
It is that time of the year to be putting fertilizer on brome. When turning in maps or talking with your agronomist, remember to put phosphorus fertilizer with your nitrogen. Brome is a cool season grass that will be greening up and putting on tons as soon as the weather starts t...

New Year - New Face!

Jan 03, 2020 | Agri Trails Coop Inc
Customers in the Pearl area have probably noticed that there is a new face behind the counter this year. For those that don’t know, Ervin Zimmerman retired after many years of service on December 31, 2019. Daniel Durant accepted the position of Pearl Location Manager, start...

Filling The Tank for 2020

Dec 18, 2019 | Agri Trails Coop Inc
Start 2020 out knowing what you have in your soils fuel tank to make a successful harvest. Soil sample results help growers see the fuel gage for each soil nutrient in their fields. Do you know what's in your tank?

Wheat Drilling Is Right Around the Corner!

Aug 28, 2019 | Agri Trails Coop Inc
Wheat drilling is right around the corner. Not only can ATC treat your wheat seed but we can also custom drill it as well. We have 3 air seeders ready to go! Call Levi Kelley at Hope (785-258-0057) or Michael at Tampa (785-650-7678) today to get your acres on the books!

We're Hiring

Aug 27, 2019 | Agri Trails Coop Inc
We’re looking to fill multiple positions within our company! Read on to learn more about the positions open!