Many Trails, One Destination

A Century And A Half Ago, Pioneers Traveled West Along Three Legendary Trails In Search Of A Better Future. 

The Smoky Hill, Santa Fe and Chisholm Trails intersect near the heart of our territory, and we at Agri Trails never lose sight of the optimism and hope these trails provided for so many of our ancestors. 

We approach each day with this same spirit, knowing that hard work and an unwavering commitment to the task at hand will ultimately yield rewarding results for our customers, communities and employees. 

Founded for a Promising Future

Agri Trails Coop is a farmer-owned cooperative serving the needs of our producers.  

Agri Trails was formed on March 1, 2016 when three financially sound cooperatives (Agri Producers Inc., Alida Pearl, North Central Kansas Cooperative) came together to better serve our patrons.  

This merger was overwhelmingly approved because it made good sense for a number of reasons.

  • Geographically, we perfectly fit together.
  • We were all small co-ops, and we felt the three of us together could offer more to our producers than individually.
  • We all had similar ideas and cultures.
  • We all offered similar services.

 Our roots in our communities go back decades and looking to the future we are committed to continually improving how we work together across our trade territory. By doing so, we’ll realize the full potential of what Agri Trails can be for its member owners across the 11 counties we serve.

Board of Directors

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 Forms, Applications & Resources

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Committed to Our Communities

From national organizations like FFA and 4H to individual community celebrations, Agri Trails is proud to support a wide range of community events and organizations throughout our territory. 


Washunga Days

Council Grove, KS – Every year during Washunga Days Agri Trails Coop participates in “Touch A Truck”. This is an activity through Kansas Farm Bureau where kids of all ages can get up close (safely) with big equipment and learn more about agriculture! ATC also provides corn every year for the corn pit that children are welcome to play in at the “Touch A Truck” booth.


Gypsum Customer Appreciation Mountain Oyster Fry

Gypsum, KS – Every year on the Friday before Christmas, our Gypsum location hosts their annual Customer Appreciate Mountain Oyster Fry. Gypsum has been hosting this event since 1995. It is open to all ATC customers! There’s plenty more food options than just Mountain Oysters. From chili and lil smokies to chips and dip, don’t forget about the table full of desserts as well, we can promise you won’t go home hungry!

A Celebration of Harvest

Each year we celebrate the hard work our producers put in to harvest the yearly wheat crop. In late July or August, Agri Trails offers what we refer to as “Appreciation Picnics” in Hope, Chapman and Tampa. Employees of Agri Trails serve food and beverages for all members, patrons and family members. It’s our thank you for doing business with us!