Filling Your Prescription for Agronomic Services


We set the standard for service and we employ a fully qualified staff at all locations who work as a team to deliver the best result for your fields. 

Whether you just need a bag of seed or an entire precision farming plan and application, we are happy to help. Our team of agronomists and precision specialists are experts in their respective areas and will help you make the most of the latest technology on your farm. Give us a call today to develop a plan for your operation!

We are dedicated to offering quality products, services and recommendations necessary for our patrons to produce crops as profitably as possible.


Custom Fertilizer & Chemical Application
Field Scouting
Hybrid/Variety Selection
Insect & Disease Identification
Plant Tissue Sampling 
Precision Farming Services
Seed Treatment Products & Recommendations
Soil Sampling 
Yield Mapping

Seeds & Advice that Yield Results

Agri Trails offers row crop and small grain seed from national and local brands, and we act as an unbiased third-party to assess which seed options are best for our patrons. 

We collect data from seed plots every year, and we spread them throughout our territory so we can get a broad view of how they work. Our long experience with the brands we represent also helps us understand what seed selection will best perform on an individual field. 

Ask us for a consultation on your farm and let us put our knowledge to work for you.



Input Financing

The path to success starts here at Agri Trails Coop. While that path can sometimes be challenging, we are committed to helping our growers every step of the way. 

Agri Trails Coop offers multiple financing options through John Deere Financial, CFA, & CHS Capital for all of your agronomic input needs. To learn more about what financial option best fits the needs of your operation, contact your local ATC Agronomist today.


Crop Protection Products & Equipment

We offer many products in bulk quantities, including dry fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, seed and crop protection products. We also offer dry spreaders for rent, as well as nurse tanks and tip tanks.

Call for more information on pricing and deliveries. We deliver throughout our territory, and our drivers have hazmat licenses.

Some of our precision ag offerings include:

Climate Fieldview

Nutrisolutions® Tissue

Composite & Grid Sampling, Yield Processing

FarmTRX Yield monitor

We Invest in Application Equipment & Safety

Agri Trails has invested in the storage and equipment necessary to meet our patrons needs for custom application services. We have five locations with custom application machines, including Hope, Chapman, Herington, Tampa and Gypsum. All of these locations have variable rate capabilities. We also have strip till machines, planters (15” & 30”) and drills that we custom apply fertilizer and seed.

Our applicators are certified by the state of Kansas, and they have received dicamba training as well.

Give Your Seeds a Healthy Boost

Seed treatments help get newly germinated plants off to a healthy start. We can treat your seed wheat and/or soybeans with fungicides, insecticides, biologicals and micronutrients.

We have five locations set up to treat seed- Chapman, Gypsum, Hope, Navarre, and Tampa. We also offer seed cleaning at three locations – Navarre, Lincolnville and Carlton. When the time comes, just bring in your seed to get it cleaned.

Right Source, Right Rate, Right Time, Right Place

When it comes to fertilizer applications and fertilizer delivery, we can get you taken care of no matter where you’re located in our sales territory.

We offer anhydrous, liquid fertilizer and dry fertilizer out of several locations, and we will deliver or apply it in a timely fashion.

We also offer nitrogen stabilizers, sampling for nitrogen management programs, and split applications of nitrogen. No two acres produce the same, so we don’t believe in fertilizing the same. Let us help you make the most of every pound of fertilizer you use.

Agronomy Locations

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Agronomy Team

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