Protect your equipment with quality fuels & lubes


Rest assured that the Agri Trails Energy Team has what it takes to find a solution that fits your needs and ensures success. Our team offers a complete line of refined and renewable fuels, propane and lubricants. As a Certified Cenex distributor, we offer Cenex premium diesel fuels and lubricants that have a 75-year history of success on the road and in the field.

You can count on our Energy Team for quality energy products. We hope to provide you with the comfort that your needs are being met with our superior customer service, wide variety of services, products and up-to-date knowledge on our products.

     Our Products

We offer the full line of Cenex® fuels, lubricants and DEF. Cenex brand products are known for their quality and performance in the field and on the road, and they are backed by the Total Protection Plan warranty.

We also carry bulk oil totes for bulk storage and a line of electric and rotary pumps to make sure that if any issues arise then we can help.

Whether it’s supplying agricultural or commercial needs, our energy team is ready to keep your operation running smoothly.


Energy team

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Lock in a price & put your mind at ease.

Fuel prices are historically volatile, which makes it difficult to forecast your costs when putting together your budget.

We offer fuel contracting to help you stay on budget despite price swings. Contract a minimum 300 gallons and you can lock in your price for diesel or gasoline. Talk to us to learn more about this program and the flexibility we offer for when you need the fuel.

You call, we haul.

Your time is valuable, and an empty fuel tank can mean unnecessary downtime. That’s why Agri Trails offers fuel delivery for our patrons.

We deliver Monday-Saturday, and we appreciate a 24-hour notice when you need a delivery. We also offer an automated fuel delivery program, so you never have to worry about your tank going empty or even making a call.

When it comes to pricing and payment, we offer bulk discounts and flexible billing options, including:
• Consumption billing, so you only pay for what you use each month.
• Average monthly price, which levels off your price and reduces market swings.
• Fuel contracts with a locked-in price on bulk purchases.

Your safe, warm & local propane source.

Through Co-Ag Propane, Agri Trails serves commercial, residential and agricultural needs for propane with a focus on customer service and safety.

We are a locally-owned, customer-focused, full-service and reasonably priced propane business. When you choose to use us as your propane supplier, we complete a free inspection to ensure the safety of your home or business.

If you would like to receive your propane from a company focused on providing excellent customer service and strengthening our local communities, Co-Ag Propane would love to be your supplier. You do not have to be a member of the cooperative to be a propane customer. We also offer a variety of contracting options for propane throughout the year.

Co-Ag Team

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