Protect Your Wheat Investment

May 06, 2020

With a late freeze last month and the potential risk of disease in wheat, right now plant health should be on your radar. Fungicides help maintain and optimize yield potential through the protection of diseases and promotion of plant health. Review three actions that can help protect your wheat’s health and maximize your ROI.

1. Boots on the ground.

Scouting for plant disease is important and can often be missed, if you’re not looking in the plant canopy. Many diseases in wheat start are soilborne, starting from the ground and slowly making their way up. Understanding which disease is present can help identify the most effective fungicide.

2. When to go.

Understanding when to spray is more than just if a disease is present. It’s important to consider current disease pressure, historic disease pressure of the field and weather conditions when making an application.

3. Fit your situation.

One of the best times to get the best return on your invest for a fungicide is at flag leaf. The flag leaf stage is important to make sure the plant is protected as it collects and promotes photosynthesis that eventually leads to grain fill.  Applying a fungicide helps aid in protecting plant health, promoting healthy green leaves and defending against diseases.

When plant health is compromised, so is yield potential. Contact your local Agri Trails Coop Agronomist to review which fungicide best meets your needs this spring.

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