Trial Shows Impact of Fungicide

Jun 26, 2020

Technology continues to change the way we evaluate the effectiveness of ag products and applications. In particular, Climate FieldView™ allows us to more easily compare treatments within the same field by choosing specific applicator passes.
In 2019, we applied fungicide to one area of a corn field at V5 and left a similar area of the same field untreated. We then treated the entire field again at R1. Comparing the results using the FieldView software, we found a positive difference of nine bushels at harvest for the corn treated at V5. We observed better stalk quality and a generally cleaner plant with respect to disease.
We’ll be looking at more treatments this year, including a product you can apply at V5 while you’re post spraying your corn herbicide. Talk to your Agri Trails agronomist to find out more about the applications we’re evaluating.

This article was featured in the Summer 2020 Trail Blazer
Written by Steve Charles, Agronomist

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